Sustainability at Humboldt University

Why sustainability at the HU Berlin?

Man-made climate change affects us all and it is more important than ever that we take action. The Humboldt-University also wants to make its contribution to a sustainable society.
As early as 2005, HU committed itself to protecting the natural foundations of life in its environmental guideline. Since then, students and employees have been committed to sustainability and climate protection at HU Berlin.

Sustainability stakeholders at HU Berlin

Sustainability Office

The student initiative "Nachhaltigkeitsbüro" at Humboldt University is consequently committed to a sustainable university. Above all, the students have made it their mission to stimulate and coordinate innovation in the areas of teaching, research, governance, operations and communication in order to advance HU's transformation into a sustainable university.

Fridays for Future

The "Fridays for Future and Scientists for Future movements" gave HU's activities for the realization of a climate-neutral university new momentum.

"Sustainability & Global Justice" Theme Class

Here, students research questions on sustainability in interdisciplinary teams. At the intersection of humanities, social and natural sciences, the fellows work on a joint research project and are supervised by scientists of the Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems (IRI THESys).

Commission Sustainable University

In December 2019, the Academic Senate of Humboldt University established the "Kommission Nachhaltige Universität" (Commission Sustainable University). Its task: to develop a sustainability strategy for the university and to initiate corresponding measures for implementation.

Climate Protection Management

Since May 2021 there is now also the climate protection management. In the next 1.5 years, our two climate protection managers will develop an integrated climate protection concept and thus actively support the HU Berlin on its way to climate neutrality.

This list is not exhaustive - we are sure that there are more active people at the university who are committed to sustainability. Feel free to drop us a line at:


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