Sustainability Office

As a team of students from a wide variety of disciplines at Humboldt University, we are the tireless critical drivers and shapers of sustainable development at HU. The sustainability office is what we make it. We do not fulfill any form and are therefore open to all and full of anticipation for you and your ideas!

What brings us together: The restlessness over time and the vision of a just and sustainable society.

What drives us: To observe that it melts and floods, people flee and suffer. That unjust power structures are the cause and consequence of the existentially threatening socio-ecological crisis of the planet and all life. That we have sufficient knowledge and solutions and only lack consistent and tireless action. That global change can only happen locally and that we can therefore start right here: at our university. We as the Sustainability Office HU have thus collectively already been damn effective and will be!

What we want: A sustainable, power-critical, just and diverse Humboldt University. And we want it now!

What we do: We stand up for a sustainable HU and actively participate in shaping it. Nobody asked us to do this, but we are smart enough to know that planetary boundaries are not negotiable; not even for HU!

We approach the fields of action university operations, research, teaching, governance/administration and communication with critique, diplomacy, activism, consistency, and volunteerism while remaining well-connected. We use internal university committees, state political participation structures, campaigns, parties and the most diverse events, self-created teaching events, podcasts, demonstrations, networking and lobbying to get closer to our goals.

All this is expressed in our projects (in German).

Our goals

  1. Participatory development of a sustainability strategy for the HU and support of the subsequent implementation

  2. Networking and strengthening of student engagement for sustainability at the HU and establishment of continuing participation opportunities for students in the process

  3. Anchoring sustainability in teaching and simplifying access for students to relevant events (Education for Sustainable Development)

  4. Stimulating more research on the topic of "sustainability

  5. Creating and implementing conditions for a sustainable, resource-saving university

  6. Promoting transfer and interlocking between university, civil society and politics.


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